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Our facilities

At Melones de la Península we have worked very hard to have a workplace that allows us to comply with all processes in the most efficient way and thus be able to work in an orderly and safe manner for our collaborators.

Clean Energy Agreement
Peninsula Group - Coopeguanacaste

At Grupo Peninsula, we are passionate about sustainable agriculture practices and utilizing the latest technologies to grow crops efficiently while protecting the environment. One of the ways we accomplish this is through the use of solar panels, which not only reduce our carbon footprint but also save on energy costs. We believe that by investing in renewable energy, we are taking an important step towards creating a better future for our industry and the planet as a whole.


More than 300 hectares of production.

Proud of our work, we lower the chemical load applied to the soil 30% using our own biological products, strengthening and rebuilding our lands with microorganisms.

Laboratory and Biofactory

We produce our biological inputs with the purpose of gradually reducing the chemical load for use in our crops (corn, rice, melon and watermelon).  The production is carried out according to the needs of each crop in our own laboratories.

For Melones de la Península, rebuilding soils and giving back to our lands the microorganisms that maintain fertility and microbiological balance is a priority. Some of these have the property of solubilizing elements present in the mineral fraction of the soil; others fix atmospheric N2 and make these nutrients available to plants and also have a suppressive function on important pathogens.


What starts well, it ends well.     All the care a seedling needs, the best substrate and an irrigation system suitable for its development. 

Packing plant

Our plant meets all hygiene and safety requirements and is equipped in the best possible way.    


Automated selection system by weight and size of melon.

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